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Rrt dmm vinyl cutting neumann vms 82 2

DMM Vinyl Cutting

with experience and precision

Been there for a long time

We have been cutting records since the 1970s and have seen the entire development of cutting technology from the first lacquer cutting lathes to DMM (direct metal mastering) technology. We can therefore fall back on almost half a century of experience.

Proven technology

At Railroad Tracks, we cut using the DMM (Direct metal mastering) process developed by Teldec in the 1980s, which cuts directly into the copper coating of a steel plate. For this we work with the original Neumann VMS 82 Cutting Lathe with SX 84 recorder.

We take care of the rest

We are also happy to handle the entire vinyl production including graphics, duplication and delivery. For inquiries or more information about DMM or vinyl cutting in general, we can be reached via our contact form.

Our offer regarding vinyl workflow:

  • Look

    Recording and checking the master

  • Diamond

    DMM Vinyl Cutting

  • Disc

    Press die production at OMS

  • Cart

    Delivery to pressing facility