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in the Railroad Tracks Studios

The finishing touch

Whether for streaming services, CD or specifically for vinyl - we are happy to master for you and give your production the finishing touches.

With our many years of experience in the field of mastering and background knowledge of the music industry, we are at the side of artists from a wide variety of musical styles, responding to the individual wishes of our customers and preparing the audio production for manufacturing and distribution.

Knowing that mastered audio needs to be suitable for all kind of formats, Railroad Tracks Studios provides CD-Mastering (DDP) / Vinyl-Mastering / Mastering for Streaming / Apple Digital Master (Formerly known as "Mastered for iTunes” or “MFiT").

Apple Digital Masters

Railroad Tracks Studios is partner of the Apple Digital Masters service, officially added to the Apple Digital Masters Providers List.

If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact us using our contact form.

Analog & digital

Although audio post-production nowadays is predominantly done in the digital realm, analog outboard equipment continues to be integrated into the process in order to enrich the production with the unique sound characteristics of analog equipment.

For this we can, among other things, fall back on the highest quality vintage technology from Neve, Studer and Siemens / Telefunken or our EMI TG mastering console in its original state.

For more information about our equipment, please visit our equipment overview.

  • Upload


    You can either send us your tapes by post or upload your files through our upload-area, which you will find inside the customer login after you have registered.

  • Attention


    • Digital:
    • WAV, AIFF and DDP Image - max. 192khz/24bit
    • Analogue:
    • 1/2 and 1/4 inch tape
  • Disc

    Mastering for Vinyl

    • Do not use too much compression unless it is used as a stylistic method. It is not necessary to achieve a "loud" result.
    • High frequencies or vocals with a lot of high pitched sibilants are not very suitable for vinyl.
    • Avoid phase shifts below 200Hz.
    • The correlation should not be higher than 90°.
  • Edit

    We will gladly do the mastering for you.

    To achieve the best results, we will need an uncompressed mix with headroom and a second mix as reference that represents your version of a master.