Recording & Mix

In our studio we offer professional sound recordings of all kinds. Our SSL G Series console forms the heart of our recording chain consisting of high-quality microphones, preamplifiers, AD/DA converters, EQs and dynamics processors. Acoustically optimized rooms with different sound characteristics offer a wide range of options for sound recording.

In order to achieve the best possible results, we are happy to take care of the optimal microphone placement and positioning in the recording room. We are also happy to take over the mixing of the recorded material. Comfortable couches, coffee and a relaxed ambience offer opportunities for relaxation between the sessions.


Composition & Sound design

We offer composition and sound design for a wide variety of productions - from music, film, games and commercials to events, radio play productions and audio guides. Professional studio musicians are also available for individual instrumental recordings. Depending on your requirements, compositions can be realized digitally "in-the-box" or, for example, recorded by a real orchestra.


Audio restoration

With our digital tools, we have extensive options for significantly optimizing faulty material such as noisy old tape recordings, background noises on important audio files or noisy concert recordings. Even with a low signal/noise ratio, amazing results can often be achieved. The consideration of specific, demanding needs is important to us, which is why we are happy to meet the individual requirements of the project.