and Studios


Custom One Compressor
Limit One Limiter
Studer A820 Master Tape Recorder
EMT record player
EMI Transfer Console TG 12410

Vinyl Cutting

Direct Metal Mastering (DMM)
Neumann VMS 82 Cutting Lathe
SX 84 Recorder


High-quality microphones from Neumann, AKG, Shure & Sennheiser
Acoustically optimized recording rooms with different sound characteristics
High-quality recording chain, either with the SSL desk preamps or V-76 TAB tube preamps from Siemens/Telefunken
Professional AD/DA converters from RME & Mark Of The Unicorn
High-quality EQs and compressors like the NEVE 2074 EQs or Siemens/Telefunken TAB-373a compressors
EQs und dynamics processors of the SSL G-Series Console and the EMI Transfer Console TG 12410
A wide range of effects devices from Lexicon, Eventide, T.C. Electronics, Roland and more
Upon request there is the possibilty of integrating tape machines like the Studer A80 8-Track 1-inch or the Studer A80 1/2-inch into your production

We also have a wide range of instruments like guitars, bass guitars, synthesizers, a Fender Rhodes E-Piano and a couple of professional session musicians.