DMM Vinyl Cutting
experience and precision

We've been at it a long time.

We started cutting vinyl in the 1970s. Since then we went through the entire development of cutting technology, starting with the first lacquer-lathes through to DMM (Direct Metal Mastering) machines. Therefore we draw on almost half a century of cutting experience, summing up to far more than 10.000 records.

Proven Technology

At Railroad Tracks we cut by use of the DMM method with the ORIGINAL Neumann VMS 82 Cutting Lathe and SX 84 recorder.

We take care of the rest:

We are also happy to take over the handling of your complete vinyl production including graphics, duplication and delivery. If you’d like to inquire our rates or to get more information concerning Direct Metal Mastering, please send us a message via our contact form.

Our offer regarding vinyl workflow:

Recording and checking the master

DMM Vinyl Cutting

Press die production at OMS

Delivery to press facility