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Railroad Tracks Studios

With us you are in good hands.

When it comes to music production, mastering is the icing on the cake. In order to make it a sweet treat, we’re providing you with decades of experience and finest audio equipment. We invite anyone who needs prove to listen to any piece of rock music EMI Germany published between 1976 and 1999. Furthermore we are mastering music of contemporary artists such as Helge Schneider, MESH or And One.

We use high quality equipment & studios.

For analog mastering we are equipped with a unique stock of high-quality audio hardware. We’re using two EMI TG Mastering Consoles in original state (developed by Rupert Neve) and our SSL SL 400 G console, as well as a variety of notable outboard devices (NEVE, Siemens/Telefunken, Studer, Orban/Parasound). We are also offering digital mastering using the DAW software MAGIX Sequoia and Steinberg Cubase. Along with our seemingly endless catalogue of plugins, there are no limits in getting the best out of your music.

Please follow these guidelines working with us:


You can either send us your tapes by post or upload your files through our upload-area, which you will find inside the customer login after you have registered.


WAV, AIFF and DDP Image - max. 192khz/24bit
1/2 und 1/4 inch tape

Mastering for Vinyl

Do not use too much compression unless it is used as a stylistic method. It is not necessary to achieve a "loud" result.
High frequencies or vocals with a lot of high pitched sibilants are not very suitable for vinyl.
Avoid phase shifts below 200Hz.
The correlation should not be higher than 90°.

We will gladly do the mastering for you.

To achieve the best results, we will need an uncompressed mix with headroom and a second mix as reference that represents your version of a master.