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DMM Vinyl Cutting / Electroplating

As one of the last DMM cutting studios in Europe we offer a variety of services in the field of vinyl manufacturing additional to DMM:
  • 1. Inspection of delivered audio-master
  • 2. DMM-Vinyl-Cutting
  • 3. Electroplating / Stampers Production
  • 4. Shipment to plant

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We started cutting vinyl in the 1970s. Since then we went through the entire development of cutting technology, starting with the first lacquer-lathes through to DMM machines. Therefore we draw on almost half a century of cutting experience, which sum up to far more than 10 000 records. At Railroad Tracks we cut by use of the DMM method with ORIGINAL Neumann VMS 82 Cutting Lathe and SX 84 recorders. We are also happy to take over the handling of your complete vinyl production including graphics, duplication and delivery. If you’d like to inquire our rates or to get more information concerning DMM please use our contact form.

  • DMM Vinyl Cutting Expert: John Cremer
    DMM Vinyl Cutting Expert: John Cremer


When it comes to music production, mastering is the icing on the cake. In order to make it a sweet treat, we’re providing you with decades of experience and fines audio equipment. We invite anyone who needs prove to listen to any piece of rock music EMI Germany published between 176 and 1999. Furthermore we are mastering music of contemporary artists, such as Helge Schneider, MESH, And One…

To ask for a price inquiry or get access to our upload area, please use our contact form.
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For analog mastering we are equipped with an unique stock of high-quality audio hardware. We’re making use of two EMI TG Mastering Consoles in original state (developed by Rupert Neve) and a SSL SL 400 G console, as well as a variety of notable outboard devices (NEVE, Siemens/Telefunken, Studer, Orban/Parasound).

We are also offering digital mastering, using the DAW software MAGIX Sequoia 14, as well as Steinberg Cubase 9. Along with our seemingly endless catalogue of PlugIns, there is no limit in getting the best out of your music.

  • Digital Mastering: Samplitude
    Digital Mastering: Samplitude


The mix can be done completely digitally, as desired (in the box), or analog via our SSL console (400G). A complete overview of our studio equipment can be found here Studioequipment Production

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  • SSL 4000G Mixing Desk
    SSL 4000G Mixing Desk
Auszüge aus der Mischung zu dem Song “On the Run” von der Band SEADRAKE.


From analog tape and vintage microphones to analog 48 channel SSL and finest digital art. Vocals and instrumental recordings take place in our acoustically optimized recording rooms. The optimal miking is granted by the know-how of our employees. Comfortable couches and a separate lounge provides relaxation between sessions.
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We offer composition for advertising, film, games and events depending on the effort and desire “in the box”, or with our excellent studio musicians to real orchestra recordings.
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Sound design for commercials, multimedia production, film scoring industry, tour and audioguides, radio drama production, film, series and documentary.