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Railroad Tracks Studios

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DMM Vinyl-Cutting

Our company founder and expert John Cremer cuts vinyl since the 70s. He has gone through all stages of development in the field of vinyl – from the first cuttings on lacquer machines to Direct To Metal (DMM) Vinyl-Cutting. We use original Neumann VMS 82 Cutting Lathe and SX 84 Recorder (our cutting diamonds are polished all the latest 50-60 hours ). We are happy to take over the handling of the complete vinyl production including graphics, duplication and distribution.

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For more than 30 years, we take care of fine-tuning your music. We have what sound engineers around the world dream of – besides the finest digital and analog outboard gear, 2 EMI TG Mastering Consoles in original condition (developed by Rupert Neve)! Who likes colored analog, but still not want to give up high-end – this is the right place. What is important to you? We find out together!
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The mix can be done completely digitally, as desired (in the box), or analog via our SSL console (400G). A complete overview of our studio equipment can be found here Studioequipment Production

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From analog tape and vintage microphones to analog 48 channel SSL and finest digital art. Vocals and instrumental recordings take place in our acoustically optimized recording rooms. The optimal miking is granted by the know-how of our employees. Comfortable couches and a separate lounge provides relaxation between sessions.

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We offer composition for advertising, film, games and events depending on the effort and desire “in the box”, or with our excellent studio musicians to real orchestra recordings.

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Sound design for commercials, multimedia production, film scoring industry, tour and audioguides, radio drama production, film, series and documentary.