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Helge Schneider bei Railroad Tracks
Alle Neuigkeiten zu Helge Schneider bei Railroad Tracks
July 9, 2021
»Lebensgeschichte« Vinyl
Die Musik-Fachzeitschrift 'Sound & Recording' zu Besuch bei Railroad Tracks
May 5, 2021
Direct Metal Mastering vs. Laquer Cutting
..and how the music gets on the vinyl.
April 10, 2020
Booklet on Direct Metal Mastering (DMM)
Original Teldec DMM booklet / 1982
May 4, 2018
Olaf Wollschläger – AMYGA Interview
The all-popular music and lifestyle blog had the honour of speaking to "one of the very great producers of indie-pop music".
February 20, 2018
Railroad Tracks on
The online magazine fairaudio gives an insight into the production of vinyl records.
January 1, 2015